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Adidas, the advent of 1948, has gone through a full 57 years of trials and road, also created his well-known global brand ...... Nike, born in 1972, just 33 years history of struggle, but firmly secured the top spot in the world, Nike Chinese Liu Xiang, also due to the success of planning a series of activities have been widely acclaimed industry ...... Nike does not sell shoes, only marketing emotion! According to Hill & Knowlton to a recent survey, Nike China's middle class is the most popular brand. To some extent, today's Nike, like the last century 80's Flying Pigeon bicycle, become a symbol of the Chinese people's identity and status. 2004 year, Nike's sales in China grew by 66 percent over the previous year, or about $ 300 million. In addition, Nike store at a rate of 1.5 per day expansion in the Chinese market. In the United States, competitors such as K-Swiss, Diesel and Puma demand has increased, Adidas also increased the US basketball sporting goods market attack, and now account fo cheap foamposites r 60 percent of Nike's market share. In 2004, in the European football market, Nike is the first time in more than 35% of the share of 31% of Adidas. One can imagine that in the domestic sporting goods market feudal hegemony today, Nike as a rising star, can achieve such success is not easy. According to related experts, which Nike accurate and unique marketing positioning are inseparable. Three brand strengths and weaknesses few days ago, a central-level media research company in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to do about sports brand market research, surveys allow consumers to Nike and Adidas humane compared, the results in the eyes of consumers Adidas is a mature man's image, and the image of Nike is a young athlete, in adolescents market share ??????? to be more. The report shows that the vast majority of consumers believe the brand Li Ning Li Ning also the spokesperson. From several brand image promotion to compare, Nike more emphasis on athletes, it adopted a strategy to promote the ima jordan 3 katrina 2018 ge pyramid. Spire from top athletes to the national team, then NBA league provincial team until the package to the general youth basketball activities, to include the four elements of the hierarchy of the entire sporting goods market constitution. Nike's brand image promotion in China is undoubtedly very successful, from shooting many Chinese basketball fans, dunk and even chewing gum demeanor both Jordan and Nike basketball market advocate general goes. Li Ning as a considerable international influence of athletes, naturally has a high brand value, but as a brand spokesperson, and fairly incomplete, it will be mistaken for a gymnastics supplies professional brand. So, since 1999, Li Ning Company on the series hire Qu Ying and Li as its spokesperson, trying to pull it from the Li Ning brand of personal image, and take market-oriented "fashion" line. From the long-term strategic point of view, this is undoubtedly a wise choice. Adidas has been playing from the beginning mature male image, so th air jordan 11 space jam for sale e customer base is relatively simple. Adidas took advantage of Jordan retired, Nike's expansion stagnated gap began to adjust strategies. It replaced the three trefoil symbol bars, even more stylish. In addition, adidas branding mistakes to make up for the year, enabled the Lakers' Kobe Bryant? Bryant consumer groups competing for teenagers, these strategies so that its sales were picking up. Emotional achievement winning the first brand in the Athens Olympics last year, Liu Xiang, always remember that people in a cross, while historic, "the laws are made to be broken," advertising also achieved great success, so deeply imprinted in the Nike people's minds. May Nike and "China Air" the hand is no accident. Liu Xiang still unknown early in time, it has been incorporated into the Nike vision, and recommended alumnus Li Tong (when Nike signed Athletes) under late May 2004 had contact with Nike. Michael? Johnson was invited to China, Liu Xiang felt Johnson was in good shape, so Nike boldly develop buy cheap jordans online programs based on this fact. The whole event from June to begin planning to begin in late July to promote, through public relations and networking, the Chinese team to Athens 10 days ago launched advertising. In addition to advertising, Nike also designed in Sina News Liu Xiang, Liu Xiang, gold medal after 30 million people go browsing Liu Xiang's every move. While other companies are planning to make endorsements when Liu Xiang, Nike has been the first time to a national audience to provide a comprehensive understanding of Liu Xiang's platform. One industry experts at the anatomical success Nike said: "Nike does not sell shoes, only marketing emotion!" The so-called emotional marketing, is the difference between personal feelings and needs of consumers as the core of corporate brand marketing strategy, by means of emotional Packaging emotional marketing, advertising emotion, emotion reputation, emotional design strategies to achieve business objectives. Classic Nike athletes closely when sai cheap air jordans d Jordan, from 1985 has been 20 years since the signing, Jordan shoes have also been developed to "18 generation", go to China this year, Nike Jordan again for high school league championship awards. Jordan endorsement of Nike products, to convey to children the concept of basketball players, deepen their longing for basketball. In fact, many companies are also sponsoring Jordan, and consumers are very natural to think of Michael Jordan and Nike together. Just 10 years of work experience in the Nike Pan Jianhua, said: "Sport is the emotional nature of business, is that people's excitement sadness and joy, and cultivate emotions like love, like, need to accumulate many domestic sponsorship is short-term, and such. The effect is almost zero, because the consumer is very forgetful. If the company selected image associated with their motion, should serve as a long-term investment. "Localization is the key to competitiveness, of course, Nike as an international brand, to seize the domestic market, Retro jordans for sale ultimately facing a localization issue. From the market situation, Nike launched in early 1999 100-400 yuan low-priced clothing and a variety of sports shoes market strategy has died down. Nike market failure in this regard is planned; on the other hand also shows that Nike did better adapt to the domestic consumer spending and consumption habits and market operation mode. According to some domestic sales agents reflected in the Chinese market, Nike, Adidas, and some international brands of production and marketing is basically copying the mode of operation of the European market and can not add a single, reduced orders, withdrawals, not very strong for strength Domestic sales agents, the risk is too difficult to bear, which undoubtedly hampered the development of international brands in the country. International brands in the domestic research, production, marketing personnel localization is the key to their future victory. Sporting goods market for consumer feedback to its corporate style d jordans on sale online esigns to market adjustment process is too slow, but also obvious drawback of these international brands.if one day, your girlfriend "moved" your NMD, what would you do? First of all, you must have a girlfriend to answer this question, however, no girlfriend, it doesn't matter, today it together to dismantle to see, look at this pair of swept the whole of China Adidas NMD R1 actually bottle gourd sell what medicine, embroidered pillow in the end is not rotten straw. 1. overall structure are the uppers, shoe buckle, heel support, bottom and color decoration 2. details upper heel support - material for the rubber NMD_R1 is a lightweight mesh cloth vamp tide flu full heel shoes to lift at the end of : in the bottom longitudinal bottom One divides into two. NMD_R1, then Boost greets Fengrun firm. in the bottom side is pure color decoration, decoration, or what? Let's find out what it is! see it.. in fact, the four color models are simply set in the middle of the bottom, and the cut is not deep, re jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black move the decoration, there is no use. Don't think too much, people just responsible for good looking ~~~3. summary mesh vamp material permeability or very good, and the hand feeling is soft, both comfort and ductility on have good performance, although in the bottom of the color only plays the role of decoration, but the thick of the boost in the end still play a he the some effect and bring with unparalleled comfort Juegan and performance. Although they play the function of running shoes, but still belongs to the fashion shoes, after all, no one will he go running in. source: long7 where there are business opportunities, there will be Wenzhou people figure. 27, 4 do shoe bags, small goods and appliances business in Spain and 14 temperature of the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs in Wenzhou, in Beijing to attend the second session of the "China - Spain business summit". "Western business summit" by Chinese CCPIT, Spanish entrepreneurs organization Federation jointly organized. On Nove jordans on sale mens mber 2005, during the visit to Spain by President Hu Jintao, the first "China western business summit" was successfully held". Wenzhou Jinqiao credit guarantee investment company general manager Qian Yuezhen and other entrepreneurs in Wenzhou, when he went to Spain to participate in the summit. 27; Vice Premier Hui Liangyu of the State Council and King CarlosI of Spain attended the opening ceremony of the second China western business summit in beijing. It is understood that the participation of the summit of the Spanish entrepreneurs delegation of nearly 300 people, for the largest in history of Spain's visit to economic and trade delegation. Honorary President, in Spain the Chinese footwear industry association of Guangzhou shoes purchasing temperature overseas Chinese Liu Guangzhong 27, told reporters that the 6 Chinese delegation, 4 are from Wenzhou Overseas Chinese, which is the light Liu's brother, overseas Chinese, Spanish, Wen bor Group Chairman Liu Guangxin. aodil Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale un shoes, shoes general manager Yao Chaojun, chairman Ji Xiaoqi, Dibang shoes chairman Xie Renxing and other 14 Wenzhou entrepreneurs, 27 participated in the summit. Wenzhou shoes Association Secretary General Xie Rongfang said, "to strengthen exchanges and seek business opportunities" is the common aspiration of the Wenzhou entrepreneurs. 27 at noon, China Leather Association of entrepreneurs in Wenzhou and BOLMAEUROPA, LOTUSSE, WILDLIFE and other 4 Spanish shoe business owners, further cooperation between the two countries shoe industry of communication. The exchange, China Leather Association chairman Xu Yong invited Spanish counterparts held in September to attend the Shanghai International Exhibition of shoes; Spain invited the Wenzhou shoe business owners go to Spain to visit. September 17, 2004, Elche shoe city of Spain had shocked the world "China burning shoes" incident, Wenzhou shoe threatened the value of about one billion yuan. In December 18, 2005, the Spanish city of Elche Footwear Association, Wenzhou shoes Association and Kangnai group jointly issued the "Wenzhou declaration", cooperation and communication between Chinese and western shoe industry gradually close. at present, more than 50 Wenzhou shoe manufacturers have set up sales offices in spain. In the West)adidas-energy-boost-ltd-collegiate-navy-off-white-silver-metallic-01.jpg (127.47 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Energy Boost Limited new color 2015-4-1 14:23 uploadDownload (28.54 KB)07-4-25 NIKE DUNKS NIKE DUNKS " AIR JORDAN" VII ; VIII IV this listing, the number is quite small, like not to miss! download (56.7 KB)07-4-25 NIKE DUNKS download (62.81 KB)07-4-25 NIKE DUNKS in the past two years, Derek, ·, Ross have missed the Christmas War because of the injury. Although Ross has been injured constantly this year, we sincerely hope that the roses will stay healthy. Recently, the network also spread out a D Rose 5 Boost Christmas color spy, this shoe will continue after the two Rose series "Nightmare Before Christmas" luminous theme? We look forward to follow-up reports together.Dwyane Wade - Li-Ning Way Dwyane Wade - Li-Ning Way Kyle Lowry - adidas Crazylight Kyle Lowry - adidas Crazylight Goran Dragic - adidas Crazylight Dwyane Wade - Li-Ning Way0.jpg (99.94 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-20 upload at 11:19 item: 310805-102 Release date: Price: 1.jpg (72.14 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-20 upload at 11:19 2.jpg (75.63 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-20 upload at 11:19 3.jpg (74.92 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-20 upload at 11:19 4.jpg (99.94 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-20 upload at 11:19 5.jpg (152.84 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-20 upload at 11:19 6.jpg (184.64 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-20 upload at 11:19 7.jpg (158.n 1_201004201252271BK4a.jpg (54.79 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-4-20 14:32 upload 1_2010042012561517sW3.jpg (82.24 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-4-20 14:32 uploaditem: 631733-032 related information:Leading boat shoes Sperry Top-Sider release 2013 spring series 2013-12-08 22:24:02 Leading brand boat shoes Sperry Top-Sider recently released the new spring 2013. We can see from the picture, this relatively new Sperry Top-Sider previous design change is very large, whether it is design or color are very new, on the upper plus many irregular geometric pattern, the design is very new. The color launched a total of three colors, white / orange and gray / yellow Both are very brisk, the most special is obvious that road stitched toe design is definitely a breakthrough in conventional bold design.

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